Food of the gods


Ambrosia is the food of the gods, and as such, holds great power within it. It is said that any mortal who tastes it gains grand bonuses, but at a cost. After consuming it once, a mortal of less then 10 HD will automatically become addicted. Mortals of 10-19 HD are allowed a will save DC 30. Mortals of 20th level or above can eat it once without ill effects, but must make a DC 30 will save if they ever taste it again to avoid the addiction.

Any mortal who tastes Ambrosia after becoming addicted must make a Fort save DC 30 (+5 for each additional time they taste it, or their physiology changes so that normal food no longer nourishes them. Only Ambrosia will sustain them, and the bonuses of eating it dwindle.

The first time a character tastes ambrosia, he/she will have no memory of the next 48 hours. This time will be spent partying, and it has been said that some extraplanar beings take advantage of this situation to impregnate, or be impregnated by a mortal to create a “grand champion” for their cause. These beings may be gods, demons, devils, powerful elementals, or any other extremely powerful outsider. The bonuses listed below last until 24 hours after this period of revelry.

There is also a Nectar, it’s effects are the same as ambrosia, but it is a thick sweet drink rather then food, and they each have their own addiction chance. However, the first time either one or the other is tasted, is the only time a character looses the next 48 hours.


When a mortal eats ambrosia, he gains the following bonuses lasting for 24 hours

+5 Divine Bonus on all Attack Rolls
+5 Divine Bonus on all Saving throws
+5 Divine Bonus on Armor Class
+5 Divine Bonus on all Skill checks
+5 Divine Bonus on the DC of all spells cast
+10 Divine Bonus on all damage dealt (not including the first taste)

If a character has failed their fort save, the next time they taste ambrosia, all bonuses decrease by 1, except for the damage bonus, which decreases by 2. When the bonuses reach 0, there is no further benefit to eating ambrosia, beyond sustenance. However, you only need to take 1 bite to sustain yourself for 24 hours.



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