Evil Factions

The very nature of evil causes many different factions of evil to exist. Here I have compiled a list of some of them, with some basic descriptions, and level of power in the prime material plane.

Worshipers of the evil gods: Although not truly one faction, this group is comprised of the worshipers of all evil gods. The evil gods work together at times, but always with plans to use one another to their own advantage. These alliances never last as one member or another betrays the rest for their own good. However, in the short lives of mortals, these temporary alliances may last a few generations, or possibly only a few days.

Demon Worshipers: Demon worshipers believe Azmodius and the other demons should be set free on the prime material plane. They believe in Tyrannical rule, and that the only being truly capable of keeping order in a place as chaotic as the mortal realm is Azmodius himself. They usually work in small covens, though larger organizations have been rumored from time to time, and the Azmodians enslaved half the continent of Alderwier shortly before the fall of the sorcerer king. Worshipers of the Demons are almost always lawful evil, and cannot be chaotic.
Note: Any divine class can choose to worship a demon instead of a god.

Devil Worshipers: Devil worshipers believe Xiana and the other Devils should be set free on the prime material plane. They fall into two categories, those who wish to create ultimate chaos, casting the mortal realms into disarray for all eternity, and those who wish to destroy all of existence. They only hold together as a single group because they cannot stand against the Demons or Gods without one another, and because Xiana holds great power over them all. For them, the only law is that only someone who can kill you should be obeyed. As such, violent power struggles determine who makes the decisions in any group. Worshipers of the Devils are almost always chaotic evil, and cannot be lawful.
Note: Any divine class can choose to worship a devil instead of a god.

Masalaka: The denizens of Masalaka are said to be ruled by Yuan-Ti, and are very secretive. Nobody knows for sure what their goals or plans are, only that they use some of the most heinous and cruel methods to achieve anything they choose to do. The only thing known outside their boarders is that they use any and all manner of being in their devious plans, and award their greatest underlings by turning them into half-bloods, and eventually Abominations.

Doomalar: The orcs of Doomalar are a society of violence, slavery, and strength. Few Kings of Doomalar live more than 10 years due to the law that anyone who kills the king of Doomalar in single combat becomes king. However, the proper challenge must be made face to face, and few outsiders find themselves capable of giving this challenge due to the Orc armies standing between themselves and the King. However, a few human leaders have arisen in the orc lands, and used the powerful orc armies to gather many new slaves before they were themselves ousted.

Miscellaneous: There are hundreds, if not thousands, of smaller, less known, or less direct strongholds of evil in the world and in other planes. These range from racial civilizations such as the drow, to small cults worshiping an Abomination or other great force of evil or chaos. They vary as much as individuals of the mortal races, and should be described in detail only if they are a large part of a particular campaign.

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Evil Factions

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