Planar Metropolis
Population: 150,000
Maximum Price of any single item sold/purchased: 600,000 gp
Ready Cash: 1,500,000,000 gp
Guards: 1000 (plus a military station within the city of 5000 well trained soldiers)
Area: 2500 acres, 3.9 sq mi

Quote: If it can be found in the Material Plane, It’s probably in Panzanier.

City Description

Panzanier was built on a massive hill, approximately 2 square miles in area, and over 800 feet high at the peak, at a wide bend in a major river, the Eralis River, which runs from the mountains to the north, past the city of Panzanier, and through the City of Virgia before reaching the ocean. Another river, The Algeron River, passes just north of Rodan, and joins the Eralis River just north of Panzanier. The Palace is a massive Castle at the peak of the hill. The Inner city, where nobles and royalty live and shop, is surrounded by a 50’ high, 25’ thick wall about 1/5th of the way down the hill from the castle. The Middle district extends almost to the bottom of the hill, and is surrounded by a 60’ high, 30’ thick wall. The Lower district extends in all directions from the hill, spilling to the opposite bank of the river to the west, and south, and extending just as far in all other directions. A 75’ high, 40’ thick wall surrounds the lower district, even bridging over the river on both sides, and containing 2 massive mithral portcullises on each bridge. The portcullises completely span the river from bank to bank, and when dropped, are shaped to imbed into the mud at the bottom of the river with 2 foot long spears. They are made of 1 inch thick mithral bars spaced approximately 6 inches apart. The gates out of the city are all designed in the same way, except that they drop 2 feet into holes in the roads they protect.

Inside the lower city, the buildings are well constructed, but very plain near the outer wall, and by the time you reach the middle wall, you start seeing architectural beautification of the buildings. This is fairly simple with the fanciest buildings having minor architectural improvements. Where roads reach the river, massive bridges arch over the river allowing even the largest river ships easy passage. Each bridge has a canopy of living plants, expertly tended, and groomed. Once inside the middle wall, there is a sudden jump in the architectural design of the buildings. Columns begin to become commonplace, and every building has aesthetics in mind in its construction. By the time you reach the Inner Wall, the buildings appear to be the homes of the wealthy. Manor houses and other magnificent buildings are common. Inside the Inner wall, there is another sudden jump in Architecture. The buildings are all grandly designed using a blend of Panzanierian (Midevel European), Manawarian (roman in style) dwarven and elven architecture styles. The castle itself trumps it all. Built out of solid marble of varying colors, with obviously dwarven influence, and decorated with panzanierian, Manawarian, and elven influences, expertly blended together to create a true beauty of stone. Many people who’ve traveled the world have said that Panzanier Castle is the most beautiful building in the world.

Power Centers

King and Queen: The King and Queen hold equal power, but rarely make decisions about the city itself. They leave that to the Duke and Duchess. The king and queen are almost always Lawful Good.

Senate: The Senate was put in place to assist in day to day affairs of the kingdom. Most lesser decisions are left to the senate, while major decisions are made by the King and Queen with advice from the senate. The senate is usually comprised of mostly lawful good and neutral good people, but a few members always tend toward other alignments, and it is common that at least a couple members are Lawful Neutral or Lawful Evil.

Duke and Duchess: A Duke and Duchess rule over the City of Panzanier and the surrounding Duchy. They Almost always possess at least a few levels of a character class, as well as at least 5 levels of Aristocrat. They act as council to the King and Queen in addition to their normal duties, and act as interim rulers when both the king and queen die leaving an heir too young to rule. They are always carefully chosen using magical means to question them about their loyalty to the throne, and sworn into a magical blood oath to the throne. As a result, they are fanatically loyal to the King and Queen. The Duke and Duchess are usually Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral.

Guild Council: The guild council in an unofficial organization consisting of the leaders of each of the legitimate guilds in Panzanier. Four guilds hold “power seats” on the council, each commanding 10 votes in the council, and each of the other guilds has 1 vote. The council is not officially a part of the government, but they hold sway over much of the politics within the city. However, most members of this council are corrupt and focus most of their efforts on making sure to keep the rich rich and the poor poor. The power seats on the council are the Architects’ Guild; every architect in the city must be a member of the guild or they cannot work their trade in the city, The Mercantile Guild; every merchant in the city must be a member of the Mercantile Guild to have a shop in the city, The Moneychangers Guild; every moneychanger in the city is operated directly by the moneychanger guild with individual moneychanger locations owned by the guild, and The Trade Guild; All trade moving in or out of the city must pass inspection by the Trade Guild looking for illicit goods and assessing the proper tax the trader must pay. All the power seats are rife with corruption, and the proper amount of money to the proper person can assure just about anything within that guild’s area. Among the trade guild for instance, a trader can pay a certain amount to the inspecting official to only search the crates the trader designates, or accidently omit a few large items from the cargo manifest in the calculations on taxes owed. The Guild Council is Chaotic Neutral, only looking out for it’s own best interests except for a few rare members trying to fight the good fight.

Brotherhood of the Flame Headquarters: It has long been known that the Brotherhood of the Flame assassins’ guild is centered in Panzanier. However, the actual location of the guild is unknown outside the membership of the guild. Also, it has never been kept secret that the Royalty and Nobility of Palanthar and many other governments pay the brotherhood a fee to work as anti-assassins. The brotherhood has only gotten involved with politics a few times, but when they do, it’s usually to dispose of a noble who is getting in their way. The Brotherhood of the Flame is Lawful Neutral.

Notable Locals

Silkamar: Head of The Brotherhood of the Flame. ½ aquatic Elf, ½ drow. 20th level Rogue, 20th level Psion, 10th level Shadow Walker.

Helga: Owner/Proprietor of the Dancing Ogress Inn and Tavern. Ogress. 20th level Fighter, 20th level Bard, 10th level Bardbarian.

Zaqan: Royal Wizard for the last 800+ years. Human ½ fire elemental. 25th level Wizard, 10th level Fire Elementalist.

Other High Level Locals

Class 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Barbarian 18 18 17 16 16
Bard 21 18 18 18 16
Cleric 21 19 16 16 16
Druid 20 19 17 16 16
Fighter 23 21 19 17 16
Monk 19 18 17 17 16
Paladin 18 17 17 17 16
Psion 16 15 14 13 13
Ranger 18 17 16 16 16
Rogue 23 19 19 18 17
Sorcerer 18 17 17 16 16
Wizard 19 18 18 17 16
Adept 21 19 19 18 16
Aristocrat 19 18 18 17 16
Commoner 28 26 25 24 21
Expert 25 24 22 20 19
Warrior 23 21 20 20 20

Additional population
Barbarian: 4 9th level, 8 5th level, 16 2nd level, 32 1st level
Bard: 2 11th level, 4 5th level, 8 3rd level, 16 1st level
Cleric: 2 11th level, 4 5th level, 8 3rd level, 16 1st level
Druid: 2 10th level, 4 5th level, 8 3rd level, 16 1st level
Fighter: 2 12th level, 4 6th level, 8 3rd level, 16 2nd level, 32 1st level
Monk: 2 10th level, 4 5th level, 8 2nd level, 16 1st level
Paladin: 2 9th level, 4 5th level, 8 2nd level, 16 1st level
Psion: 2 8th level, 4 4th level, 8 2nd level, 16 1st level
Ranger: 2 9th level, 4 5th level, 8 2nd level, 16 1st level
Rogue: 2 12th level, 4 6th level, 8 3rd level, 16 2nd level, 32 1st level
Sorcerer: 2 9th level, 4 5th level, 8 2nd level, 16 1st level
Wizard: 2 10th level, 4 5th level, 8 2nd level, 16 1st level

Adept: 2 11th level, 4 5th level, 8 3rd level, 747 1st level
Aristocrat: 2 10th level, 4 5th level, 8 2nd level, 747 1st level
Commoner: 2 14th level, 4 7th level, 8 4th level, 16 2nd level, 125,902 1st level
Expert: 2 13th level, 4 6th level, 8 3rd level, 16 2nd level, 4,480 1st level
Warrior: 2 12th level, 4 6th level, 8 3rd level, 16 2nd level, 17,467 1st level

Population Racial Mix

42% Human
15% Elf
12% Halfling
9% Dwarf
9% Gnome
6% Half-Elf
4% Half-Orc
3% Other

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