Population: 35,000
Maximum Price of any single item sold/purchased: 300,000 gp
Ready Cash: 175,000,000 gp
Guards: 235 (plus the central fortress of the Knights of Rodan, 1500 Heavy Cavalry)
Land Area: 577 acres, 0.9 sq mi

Quote: Home of the Knights of Rodan

City Description

The city of Rodan is situated in the middle of subtropical plains ideal for raising cattle and horses, on the south bank of the Algeron River which flows out of the mountains to the northwest, and turns east to meet up with the Eralis River just north of Panzanier. The city itself is situated around a large, long rocky hill. The hill is about ½ mile long, and ¼ mile wide slowly rising up from the southeast, and ending in steep cliffs in the northwest dropping about 100 feet back to the plains below. The Great Hall of Rodan, a large stone fortress, is situated at the top of the hill, its walls rising from the top of the cliffs another 30 feet. Below the great hall, coming down the hill, are the homes of the richest Knights of Rodan, two large barracks capable of housing 250 knights each, a few shops, and several large stable yards. Surrounding the hill is a unique wall. 30 feet high and 20 feet wide, it follows the edge of the cliffs up the hill until they connect to the great hall, allowing anyone inside the hall to access the walls very quickly.

Outside these walls lies the rest of the city. It’s built more like a military encampment then a city. There is a 30 foot high wall surrounding the outer city, and 5 great roads 50 feet across spear out from the inner city to the 5 gates marking the five districts of the lower city. Another 50 foot wide road circles the hill, and a last 50 foot wide road circles the city just inside the outer wall. Each of the five districts has a barracks that houses 500 soldiers, and a chaotic layout of small homes, multi-family domiciles, stable yards, and businesses.

The standard of living in Rodan is above the norm due to the multi-family domiciles owned by the Knights of Rodan, and provided free of charge to those who cannot afford a home of their own allowing them to spend more on food and other provisions. Every town under Rodanian rule is run by a high ranking member of the Knights of Rodan, and has its own chapter of the order, and every town is required to keep a herd of at least 500 breeding age Rodanian Warhorses. The Rodanian Warhorses are known far and wide as the best horses money can buy. Every Knight of Rodan is provided a horse upon being knighted, and is expected to purchase three spare horses, at 500 gold each, within the first 2 years of service. Extra horses beyond the required breeding adults are sold to adventurers and nobles at a price of 1200 gold each. Although this is three times the normal rate for heavy Warhorses, those who can afford them often see them well worth the price. These are heavy warhorses, and are bread and trained to be stronger, tougher, faster, and smarter than normal. In game terms, this grants the horses +2 strength, +2 HD, +10 foot movement speed, and +1 intelligence to the Heavy Warhorse statistics. They also raise light warhorses, but they see them as unusable for their own order, and use them to supply the cavalry division of the regular military and sell the rest. These sell for 400 gold, and prove a bonus of +2 dexterity, +1 HD, +10 foot movement speed, and +1 intelligence to the Light Warhorse statistics.

Power Centers

Duke and Duchess: The Duke and Duchess rule Rodan and the surrounding Duchy with Supreme Authority. The Duke or Duchess (whichever is deemed the stronger or more promising knight) is the High General of the Knights of Rodan, and the other is High General of the rest of the Rodanian Military. Both almost always have levels in Cavalier, fighter, or paladin, and together they rule over the Duchy as a military state. This grew from Melenia of sharing a border with Dakthan, the lands of The Sorcerer King. They defended their boarder with Dakthan with supreme military tactics. In recent years, since the fall of The Sorcerer King, many people have questioned the need for such a ruling structure, but the Knights of Rodan have argued that having a strong military leader in power helps to ensure Dakthan does not rise as a center of evil ever again. The Duke and Duchess are almost always Lawful Good.

Knights of Rodan: To be a member of the nobility of Rodan, a person must be a member of the Knights of Rodan, and any full fledged knight is a member of the Rodanian nobility. The Knights of Rodan are known for their superior war horses, and powerful knights. They accept anyone willing to swear ultimate fealty to the High General of the Knights, and prove to be capable soldiers. They are not however a rag tag group by any means. They are said to be the strongest and most disciplined military group on Alderwier. They make long patrols of the Rodanian countryside lasting 28 days at a time, and then receive 2 days off before spending 13 days in training, and another 2 days off, before returning to patrol. While on patrol, they practice combat tactics, and ride down and capture or kill anyone deemed an enemy of the state. These enemies include any bandits or other groups that act in any way outside the laws of Rodan. Many say that the Knights of Rodan are uncorruptable, and they have a standing rule that anyone attempting to bribe a Knight a Rodan has signed their own death warrant. Other than the rare exception, members of The Knights of Rodan are Lawful Good, and it is a Lawful Good organization.

High Mage: Although the position is officially called high Mage, This position can be held by any powerful spellcaster that joins the Knights of Rodan, and proves to be highly intelligent and Wise. It is usually either a Wizard/Fighter or Sorcerer/Fighter. The official duties of the High Mage are to provide council to the Duke and Duchess. The High Mage is usually either Lawful Good or Neutral Good.

Notable Locals

High Level Locals

Class 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Barbarian 16 16 15 13
Bard 16 16 13 13
Cleric 14 13 13 13
Druid 16 15 14 13
Fighter 20 20 18 14
Monk 14 14 13 13
Paladin 15 14 14 13
Psion 12 11 10 10
Ranger 18 17 15 14
Rogue 24 24 19 17
Sorcerer 15 15 14 13
Wizard 16 15 13 13
Adept 18 18 15 13
Aristocrat 16 16 15 13
Commoner 20 20 20 20
Expert 20 20 17 17
Warrior 20 20 17 16

Additional population
Barbarian: 4 8th level, 8 4th level, 16 2nd level, 32 1st level
Bard: 4 8th level, 8 4th level, 16 2nd level, 32 1st level
Cleric: 2 7th level, 4 4th level, 8 2nd level, 16 1st level
Druid: 2 8th level, 4 4th level, 8 2nd level, 16 1st level
Fighter: 4 10th level, 8 5th level, 16 3rd level, 32 1st level
Monk: 4 7th level, 8 4th level, 16 2nd level, 32 1st level
Paladin: 2 8th level, 4 4th level, 8 2nd level, 16 1st level
Psion: 2 6th level, 4 3rd level, 8 1st level
Ranger: 2 9th level, 4 5th level, 8 2nd level, 16 1st level
Rogue: 4 12th level, 8 6th level, 16 3rd level, 32 2st level, 64 1st level
Sorcerer: 4 8th level, 8 4th level, 16 2nd level, 32 1st level
Wizard: 2 8th level, 4 4th level, 8 2nd level, 16 1st level

Adept: 4 9th level, 8 5th level, 16 2nd level, 171
Aristocrat: 4 8th level, 8 4th level, 16 2nd level, 171
Commoner: 8 10th level, 16 5th level, 32 3rd level, 31,100 1st level
Expert: 4 10th level, 8 5th level, 16 3rd level, 1,025 1st level
Warrior: 4 10th level, 8 5th level, 16 3rd level, 1,709 1st level

Population Racial Mix

79% Human
7% Dwarf
5% Elf
3% Half-Elf
2% Half-Orc
1% Gnome
1% Halfling
2% Other

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