Population: 65,000
Maximum Price of any single item sold/purchased: 300,000 gp
Ready Cash: 325,000,000 gp
Guards: 435 (plus the Mercantile Mercenaries, Mercenary band of 3000 well trained and well paid soldiers)
Land area: 1071 acres, 1.7 sq mi

Quote: Trade Center of the Free World

City Description

Solstice was built on trade. Solstice has a major trade road connecting to Seldonia, the Elf lands, and the Dwarf lands, as well as to Panzanier and Virgia. So much trade passes though Solstice that they have a network of over 10,000 mercenaries employed to protect their trade routes known as The Mercantile Mercenaries. The 5 major roads out of solstice are each patrolled by 5 groups of 50 mercenaries who make patrols along their road from Solstice to the next city and back. Each mercenary group has its own Castle, about 1/2 way between Solstice and the next city, and a handful of forts in it’s territory which serve a secondary purpose of providing “rest areas” for merchants and adventurers traveling the roads. These forts are placed every 16 miles along these trade routes allowing trade caravans to stop each night and rest in a protected and well-defended place. Where their trade roads enter other nations, they have made special deals with the governments of the areas, with certain stipulations in some areas (such as a band of elven mercenaries where the road enters the elf lands) to extend this protection network all the way to every city they directly trade with. They also have a fort within the Solstice City Walls which houses 3000 mercenaries, and acts as a central base of command for the entire Mercenary Band and a recruitment center.

Solstice lies in the middle of a great plains region with very fertile farmlands. The whole region is criss crossed with rivers and streams proving easy sources of irrigation to their fields. The city itself is surrounded by a 40’ high, 40’ thick wall consisting of alternating layers of 5 foot thick stone and 10 inch thick Steel lattice reinforced concrete. The walls are built functional, and contain no aesthetic design. However, once you enter the city, you can immediately see the wealth of the city. Most of the populace is well dressed and the buildings are better quality then in most cities.

Power Centers

Duke and Duchess: The Duke and Duchess of Solstice are the official head of the city and the surrounding Duchy. They govern the city and make the laws. However, they often bend to the will of the trade guild, and would lose all their power within the city if the trade guild started blocking imports and exports. The Duke and Duchess are usually Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral

Magister: The high priest or paladin of Justicar at his temple in Solstice has the additional duty of Magister. This position acts as a personal advisor to the Duke and Duchess, and acts on behalf of the Duke and Duchess when they are indisposed or absent. The Magister is also responsible for investigating any claims of corruption within the council and has the authority to remove anyone he finds guilty from office arresting them and acting as a prosecutor when they stand on trial before the Duke and Duchess. The Magister is always Neutral good or chaotic good.

Council: The council is a mix of the leaders of the 10 most powerful guilds besides the trade guild, 10 individuals appointed by the Duke and Duchess, and an elected official from each of the 6 lower class and 4 middle class districts of the city. The council runs most of the day to day affairs of the city by majority vote, and controls the judicial system. Any adult citizen, from a common laborer all the way up to the Duke and Duchess can report suspicion of corruption among any member of the council to the Magister. If found guilty in their final trail before the Duke and Duchess, they are permanently stripped of their rank, and all titles, have all of their possessions in excess of 50 gold confiscated by the Duchy, and are expelled from the city. If they ever reenter the city limits without first being pardoned by the Duke and Duchess, they are publicly executed. The council is usually a mix of alignments, though Lawful tends to stand out above Chaos due to the strict penalties for corruption.

Trade Guild: The true power in Solstice is the trade guild. They are the puppet masters behind the Duke and Duchess. Their members own all caravans that legally travel to and from Solstice for trade purposes, they provide 60% of the payments provided to the Mercantile Mercenaries who watch the trade routes and help defend the city, and their members combined have at least twice the funds of the Duke and Duchess. If a Duke or Duchess tries to go against their wishes, They stop all trade into and out of the city, they command the mercenary groups to stop protecting the roads and close their forts to travelers, and bribe or coerce council members to oppose the Duke and Duchess. The trade guild is Chaotic Neutral.

Notable Locals

High Level Locals

Class 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Barbarian 16 15 14 13
Bard 18 15 13 13
Cleric 18 17 16 14
Druid 16 15 15 14
Fighter 20 20 18 13
Monk 14 13 13 13
Paladin 15 15 14 14
Psion 12 11 11 11
Ranger 20 20 18 13
Rogue 20 20 20 16
Sorcerer 16 16 15 13
Wizard 16 15 15 14
Adept 18 17 16 14
Aristocrat 16 16 16 13
Commoner 22 22 20 19
Expert 20 19 19 15
Warrior 20 20 17 15

Additional population
Barbarian: 2 8th level, 4 4th level, 8 2nd level, 16 1st level
Bard: 2 9th level, 4 5th level, 8 2rd level, 16 1st level
Cleric: 2 9th level, 4 5th level, 8 2rd level, 16 1st level
Druid: 2 8th level, 4 4th level, 8 2rd level, 16 1st level
Fighter: 4 10th level, 8 5th level, 16 3rd level, 32 1st level
Monk: 2 7th level, 4 4th level, 8 2nd level, 16 1st level
Paladin: 4 8th level, 8 4th level, 16 2nd level, 32 1st level
Psion: 2 6th level, 4 3th level, 8 2nd level, 16 1st level
Ranger: 4 10th level, 8 5th level, 16 3rd level, 32 1st level
Rogue: 6 10th level, 12 5th level, 24 3rd level, 48 1st level
Sorcerer: 4 8th level, 8 4th level, 16 2nd level, 32 1st level
Wizard: 2 8th level, 4 4th level, 8 2nd level, 16 1st level

Adept: 2 9th level, 4 5th level, 8 2rd level, 321 1st level
Aristocrat: 6 8th level, 12 4th level, 24 2nd level, 322 1st level
Commoner: 4 11th level, 8 6th level, 16 3rd level, 58,465 1st level
Expert: 2 10th level, 4 5th level, 8 3rd level, 16 2nd level, 1,927 1st level
Warrior: 4 10th level, 8 5th level, 16 3rd level, 3,212 1st level

Population Racial Mix

48% Human
16% Elf
14% Halfling
13% Dwarf
5% Half-Elf
2% Gnome
1% Half-Orc
1% Other

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