Large City
Population: 20,000
Maximum Price of any single item sold/purchased: 150,000 gp
Ready Cash: 40,000,000 gp
Guards: 135
Land Area: 330 Acres, ½ sq mi

Quote: The City of Pirates

City Description

The City of Virgia is located where the Panzanier River spills into the Bay of Virgia. The city surrounds the bay and both shores of the river. The outer wall stands about 30 feet high and is 40 feet thick. This unusual wall was created in this way for a reason. Every 5 feet passing though the outer gates contains a portcullis, and small holes in the celling allow guards on the wall above to pour flaming pitch onto anyone unfortunate enough to be caught inside. Inside the walls, ramshackle huts and rough stone buildings dominate the city. Moving though the city towards the docks, the buildings deteriorate quickly. The only well constructed buildings in the town are the Palace of the duke and duchess, which is more of a fortress, the council chambers, the trade guild hall, and a few well-kept warehouses.

Life in Virgia is rough. About a third of the city’s populace are current or former pirates, and about another third are members of the Virgian Privateer Navy or Fishing Fleets. Brawls and sword fights are commonplace, and the guards would not have the power to stop them even if they wanted to. The Virgian city guard actually encourage these fights, then require any betting on the fights to be processed by the guards, with a portion of the wagers placed charged as a gambling fee that goes directly into a guards personal funds. Open and blatant corruption is rampant in the city, and nobody seems to be capable of doing anything about it.

There are between 12 and 16 thieves guilds operating in Virgia at all times, and these guilds often war with each other over territory. None is currently powerfully enough to hold sway over politics, but the chaos caused by their wars raises the already violent city to an even bloodier level. Many of these guilds last no more than a few years before being wiped out, but three have been around as long as anyone in the city can remember; The Family (mafia style), The Red Hands (Bandits), and The Succubuses (all female, seduce rich people to get into their homes)

Power Centers

Duke and Duchess: The Duke and Duchess are the official rulers of Virgia and the Surounding Duchy. They are often retired pirates or privateers. The Duke and Duchess of Virgia tend to be Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Good.

Council: Virgia has a council consisting of the Admiral of the Virgian Privateer Navy, The General of Virgia’s Army, 2 members of the Trade Guild, and 6 elected officials. The council assists the Duke and Duchess with the day to day politics. Their main duties are to make recommendations to the Duke and Duchess. They do this in daily council meetings lasting from around 11AM until 1 or 2PM. This is more of a social event with a lunch feast while the council and the Duke and Duchess discuss current matters. It’s a very unstructured event where heated debates are common, and occasional brawls break out. The Council tends to lean toward Good, but the trade guild members are always Chaotic Neutral

Trade Guild: Any merchant who wants to trade by sea routes in Virgia must join the Trade Guild. They hold some sway over politics, but due to the threat of the Virgian Privateer Navy sinking any ship that attempts to block trade in and out of Virgia, their only true power is through their two council members, and control of a great deal of wealth. The trade Guild is Chaotic Neutral.

Pirates: Virgia is a pirate haven, and most people believe that at any time, 30% to 60% of the Trade Guild are actually pirate captains, and that the Pirates actually control the Trade Guild. The fact that ships belonging to members of the Virgian Trade Guild very rarely get attacked within 100 miles of a city swarming with known pirates while ships passing through the same area on the way to other cities without trading in Virgia are attacked at least 50% of the time supports these claims. Many captains sailing past Virgia sail far out to sea to avoid this area even though the waters are more dangerous. Those who do choose to sail through the area often agree to pay 10% of their cargo to allow them safe passage When they encounter a pirate ship. Non Virgian Ports have been appealing to the Virgian government for centuries to crack down on the corruption and piracy in their city and waters. The Pirates of Virgia range drastically in alignment, though most tend to be chaotic, and there are more evil then good.

Notable Locals

The Pirate King: The richest and most powerful pirate in Virgia, ½ Aquatic Elf, 20th level rogue/10th level Wizard, Named himself “The Pirate King” over a century ago after a battle with another powerful pirate, and refuses to answer to anything but “Pirate King”, “Your Majesty”, or other such titles as suit his whim at the time.

High Level Locals

Class 1st 2nd 3rd
Barbarian 13 10 10
Bard 15 15 10
Cleric 14 14 11
Druid 12 11 11
Fighter 16 16 13
Monk 12 10 10
Paladin 14 14 12
Psion 8 7 7
Ranger 14 14 11
Rogue 17 16 13
Sorcerer 12 12 10
Wizard 14 14 13
Adept 14 12 11
Aristocrat 12 11 10
Commoner 18 16 13
Expert 20 20 15
Warrior 16 16 16

Additional population
Barbarian: 2 7th level, 4 3rd level, 8 2nd level, 16 1st level
Bard: 4 8th level, 8 4th level, 16 2nd level, 32 1st level
Cleric: 4 7th level, 8 4th level, 16 2nd level, 32 1st level
Druid: 2 6th level, 4 3rd level, 8 2nd level, 16 1st level
Fighter: 4 8th level, 8 4th level, 16 2nd level, 32 1st level
Monk: 2 6th level, 4 3rd level, 8 2nd level, 16 1st level
Paladin: 4 7th level, 8 4th level, 16 2nd level, 32 1st level
Psion: 2 4th level, 4 2nd level, 8 1st level
Ranger: 4 7th level, 8 4th level, 16 2nd level, 32 1st level
Rogue: 2 9th level, 4 4th level, 8 2nd level, 16 1st level
Sorcerer: 4 6th level, 8 3rd level, 16 2nd level, 32 1st level
Wizard: 4 7th level, 8 4th level, 16 2nd level, 32 1st level

Adept: 2 7th level, 4 4th level, 8 2nd level, 96 1st level
Aristocrat: 2 6th level, 4 3rd level, 8 2nd level, 1st level
Commoner: 2 9th level, 4 5th level, 8 2nd level, 15,548 1st level
Expert: 4 10th level, 8 5th level, 16 3rd level, 578 1st level
Warrior: 6 8th level, 12 4th level, 24 2nd level, 2964 1st level

Population Racial Mix

71% Human
7% Elf
6% Halfling
4% Half-Elf
4% Gnome
4% Half-Orc
2% Dwarf
2% Other

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